The design of the DressCode flagship store, projecting out towards the board walk, swallows up the client into its innovative and unique space. Although it is meant “for your eyes only” it’s a shopping experience engaging all senses. The interior structures of the store, like the bulkheads of a sailboat, hold the wall panels, and redefine the limits of the space. Ceiling and walls feature the same and unique laminated glass with a layer of acrylic chiffon in between, made by a “maître verrier” from Bretagne/France, ensuring a feeling of unlimited space and weightlessness in this only 50 m2 boutique. 300 acrylic slot boxes storing the eyeglasses like gemstones, are hidden within the wall panels, waiting to be discovered from behind this mysterious space. With an integrated robotized mechanism inspired by the technologies used in the latest car interiors, a simple pressure allows these boxes to slowly slide out from the crystal facets.