Cities and buildings are SYMBOLS. Symbols of our constant quest for an ideal environment, they are the most powerful and enduring witnesses of our civilization. Each stone, each window, each street tells a story. A story that grows richer, more replete with the passage of time. Architects and Planners are the TOOLS society employs to manifest the shape of each new era.

Albert Abut

Concept Hotel Kyoto
Hakuju Hall
Bora Bora Golf
Okinawa Christian School International
Saint-Gobain HQ

AAA is a multidisciplinary firm providing services in Planning, Architecture & Interiors. Sustainable & Energy Efficient Development is our leitmotiv as we strive to make our planet’s cities better places to live.

AAA holds licences to file Development & Building Permits with corresponding Architect Liability Insurances in Japan & in the APEC's 14 member countries and in France & in the EU’s 27 member countries. In other countries AAA has partnerships with local architectural firms to provide our clients with all appropriate and necessary guarantees.