Composed of 37 intelligent apartments (WiFi, internet, cable in each room), the TR Nishi-Azabu Apartments is integrated in a residential area, where two urban grids meet. The volumes are determined by the superposition and intersection of these two fabrics and by the desire to preserve a centenary tree (Cinnamomum Camphora). The building thus subdivided in two blocks creates a central patio which is articulated around this tree, heart of the community, and offers an open view towards the North-West. The two parts of the building have been designed in order to enjoy a good luminosity and an excellent natural lighting throughout the day, in the same way in each unit. The para-seismic structure is composed by a flexural reinforced concrete. The walls of the facade belong to this structure. A second skin, made of terra-cotta cladding, has been set at 10 cm from the external structural wall. The ventilation is thus organized vertically in this buffer space which insulates the building all year long. Energy costs are therefore reduced considerably.