With breathtaking views of the Dallas city center this mixed-use complex will bring a new life to this part of the city. The approach from the main avenue and all connected volumes will be beautifully landscaped and discreetly isolated from the elegant boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants of the complex. In addition to the 98 units of the tower block the 2nd & 3rd floors will contain 2 X 6 exclusive apartments which can also be used as rest villas for guests directly connected to the pool floor or they can even be rented out for short stays for corporate people or short stays for overseas guests of owners & tenants of tower apartments. All in all 70% of the bathrooms are on the facade and enjoy direct sunlight & ventilation. 

The high amount of rain & humidity necessitated a sophisticated passive ventilation system, especially around the podium designed in separate blocks to allow the wind flow through and disperse humidity raising from the ground. A terrace runs around each floor. This allows to expand the space of each room by opening wide the sliding glass screens. The tower is thus designed to allow each dweller to slide the outer screens according to the sun path.