With it’s own unique branding Teshie District will have a specific identity thus adding to Accra yet another Pole complementary to other existing districts, expanding Accra’s Multipolarity. This 46.5 Ha property with a building construction area totaling 207,580 m2 is located on the unique waterfront of Accra. This district with all the necessary ingredients such as history, culture, education, nature, sports, health & recreation will provide an urban diversity which will make that this part of Accra will remain alive at all times.

The finest residences next to a yacht harbor and one of the most luxurious five star hotels in town will be complemented with a 9 hole signature Eco-Golf Course offering a level of charm, services and facilities equal to those currently available in most trendy capitals on the planet. Six separate but somehow architectonically interconnected medium high rise Linked-Towers will be built in this site. Different scenarios for the parks & squares will be created, with greeneries including all social media tools such as interactive screens and local, national & international communication hubs. Many F&B relaxation areas with restaurants, bars, lounges and many sports facilities will be spread all along the site with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Teshie will become a new & unique Sustainable District where all latest Innovations in Building Construction techniques will provide a better quality of life letting air, wind and hydraulic fluid systems flow through it’s arteries and buildings according to best principles. A Cooling Station will provide ice water to all 6 towers and underlying buildings. This Station will be alimented by the extremely cold waters from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

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