A single structural design is complemented with multiple architectures. The one on top hides the structure and is a hotel and/or an appartment-hotel with a convention hall at the lower floors. The one in the middle has an apparent structure and houses open & flexible office spaces. And the one in the bottom floats on a huge public plaza & has a very different shape than the two above as it melts with the urban grid. This architecture houses a spa, a fitness center, three small size movie theaters, art galleries, restaurants & cafes. The public plaza at the bottom is for public events and open-air concerts. The narrow side of the oval shaped building is turned to prevailing winds to allow free flow of these winds within the city. The pillars are grouped by 2 or 3 and beams are reduced to one every 3 floors. Two floors hang every three floors. This allows a very subtle resistance to strong winds and seismic waves and is cost-effective.